Direct Cremation Services By The Sea and other Palm Beach funeral homes team up with Local Funeral Homes Near Me ( to offer cremation arrangements in Delray Beach, Boca Raton & nearby cities in Palm Beach County. Best overal cremation costs and cremation prices guaranteed. Bypass traditional funeral services and save.

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Cremation Planning

When considering local funeral homes for final arrangements, it is important to be informed about the options on hand. Pre-planning is the first step in securing these final wishes and cremation costs. ​Cremation Services By The Sea offers the most affordable crematory services in your area.

Our promise is to adapt to the needs of those we serve. Each family is given personalized care throughout the planning process. In many cases, we can even come directly to you, to go over the many affordable options that are available. Our approach can also accommodate any budget. 


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Why Choose Cremation Services By The Sea?

Choosing a direct cremation provider in today's market can be a frustrating task, especially since most of the local funeral homes in South Florida are corporately owned. The challenge faced by this fact alone can be discouraging. Many of the large corporate funeral homes are currently charging premium rates, for basic services. 

Cremation Services By The Sea, is a family owned and operated business. Our firm offers lower cremation costs, when compared to local funeral homes and cremation providers. In many cases, those individuals choosing our services over the competition will also receive personalized attention. We can work with any budget and offer a pressure free approach to all of our options for cremation arrangements.

When selecting Cremation Services By The Sea, crematory services, you can rest assure that you and your family will receive professional and personalized services with less out of pocket expenses. We believe that there is no dignity in overpaying for final arrangements and we promise to be there when needed. 

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Pre-Paid Cremation Services compared to Local Funeral Homes

Cremation Services By The sea offers PrePaid Crematory Services 

Cremation Services By The Sea understands the needs and demands of today's families. Although each family is dynamic in their very own way, our affordable cremation costs and dignified services can fit every budget. Funeral arrangements do not have to be a financial burden to you or your loved ones after you are gone. In fact, studies have found that prepaying for one's cremation costs today, relieve higher costs for your loved one's tomorrow. 

Cremation Planning Benefits

  • Arrangements can be completed and customized at the convenience of the client. 
  • 100% Safe. Funds are secured in a State of Florida approved Trust Account. 
  • Pre-paid cremation arrangements guarantee today's prices, for tomorrows services. 
  • Final wishes are put into writing for peace of mind and future reference.
  • Planning lets loved ones know exactly what your choices are, ahead of time. 
  • Gives individuals peace of mind in knowing that their plans will be carried out, as desired.
  • Flexible payment options for any budget. Plan ahead and save. 
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