Direct Cremation Services By The Sea and other Palm Beach funeral homes team up with Local Funeral Homes Near Me ( to offer cremation arrangements in Delray Beach, Boca Raton & nearby cities in Palm Beach County. Best overal cremation costs and cremation prices guaranteed. Bypass traditional funeral services and save.

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Families in Palm Beach County and Broward County, have an alternative option to a high priced funeral homes for cremation services. There are many decisions to make when considering a funeral services provider. However, if the wish of final disposition is for a direct cremation, we can help. In many cases, funeral homes will charge higher rates opposed to cremation specific businesses, like Cremation Services By The Sea. Cremation costs are factored by a few key expenses. First and foremost, larger funeral homes come with bigger overhead costs. In addition, funeral homes offer services which are not required when choosing direct cremation. Lastly, many local firms are not local at all, they are often held by out of state investors that demand high profits. At our family owned firm, our goal is to offer superior services, affordable merchandise and dignified pricing, because there is no dignity in over paying for basic services. 

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Top ranked cremation services of the Palm Beaches. No other provider gives so much for so little. Let us help you during this difficult time. We have serviced thousands of families, just like yours. Make the right choice and bypass funeral homes for simple cremation services

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Cremation Services By The Sea is not just a cremation service provider of the Palm Beaches, we are a philosophy of ideas that every family must be honored with the professionalism and the respect that is deserved during a loss. Our belief is founded on the old fashioned values of traditional funeral services. Most funeral homes have become big business concepts that are generally based out of state.

We are proud to be locally owned and operated, right here in South Florida.

Choosing a funeral service provider is never an easy task. Our open door policy guarantees that if you have questions, we will answer them. Although cremation services are not a new idea, many individuals have never had to make cremation arrangements for a loved one. We approach each family as a beacon of direction. We are here to assist in any way possible. One of our most important philosophies that we try to stress is that the services that one receives during a loss should matter, each step along the way.

Are you considering pre-planning final arrangements? Learn the many benefits of planning and paying ahead of time. Cremation Services By The Sea, offers price locked and guaranteed contracts for you and your loved ones. Take the first step, contact us for valuable insight into how we can help you save thousands of dollars on cremation services. 

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 Many individuals do not realize that using a funeral home is not required for direct cremation services. It has been tradition to utilize funeral homes for these types of services, however, in many cases there is no benefit to using one. Have you noticed that many funeral homes that advertise for cremation services do not advertise their complete price list? Our transparent approach to those we service is clear and defined for direct cremation services.

We guarantee instant access to our online General Price List. Although giving a price list to a family is required by law, it does not apply to online websites. Cremation Services By The Sea, is a progressive company that does not exclude our clients from full access to cremation costs and services. We not only comply with the law, but we exceed it's requirements, by making every family accessible to it, without requiring one to ask.

We understand that calling a funeral home or a cremation provider is a difficult task and many families are now opting to online research. It is our goal to be the most informative and available for these needs. In many cases, we know that families my feel uncomfortable asking for pricing. Therefore, our pricing policy gives families immediate cremation costs,

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